Processing vast quantities of semantically rich data shared securely in real-time across organizational boundaries requires a new way of thinking about interoperability.

Apex Unify!™, powered by Apex BlockSync™, changes more than just the game.

It changes everything.

Apex Agora™

Apex Agora is our virtual marketplace, offering single key management of our developer and per-seat products from a simple, cross-platform license and deployment management solution. We take the pain out of updates, trials and new purchases so you can focus solely on the value our solutions bring to your development and data management efforts.

  • A single license key to download any and all of our products
  • Manage your installations from our integrated online portal
  • Never miss an update or an opportunity to try new products as we release them
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Get to know our current products.

Apex Perseus™

Apex Perseus™ is a powerful software library designed for developers of complex distributed, enterprise and decentralized software applications. It offers proven abstractions to hard problems that have nothing to do with your domain, such as parsing diverse and disparate data, structuring modern server applications, concurrency and cryptography. Perseus also powers our innovative scripting and automation runtimes, Apex Athena™ and Apex Muse™.

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Apex Athena™

Apex Athena™ is an embedded scripting engine that can be used to generate fast, efficient bytecode or super-performant native code on a variety of popular operating systems. The languages Athena supports are familiar—Pascal, Basic, and C#—but with special syntax for transforming data in multiple formats, code generation and other innovative features. Athena is based on a decade of experience helping developers create extensible, data-driven software solutions.

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Apex Muse™

Apex Muse™ is an innovative new scripting engine designed for rapid, iterative development of industrial-strength enterprise micro-services as well as decentralized applications. It harmonizes the semantics of three very popular dynamic languages—JavaScript, Lua and ClojureScript. Muse was designed from the beginning to be an enterprise-grade solution to empower developers to attack today's big-data problems with the most cutting edge tools.

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Athena, Perseus and Muse are just the beginning. They are the foundation of Apex Unify!™ and our vision for real-time, user-centric data reconciliation, cross-enterprise interoperablity and new approaches to the user experience (UX) in a world with conflicting sources of truth. Our solutions, evolved and refined in the healthcare industry, focus on storytelling, and this requires a completely different way of thinking about big data that is time-savvy, metadata-rich and uniquely fact-oriented.

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