About us

Established in 2013, Apex Data Solutions LLC is a pioneer and leader in enterprise architecture platforms and point-of-service data capture, data management, and reconciliation solutions. We develop and deliver scalable, extensible, and configurable technologies for transforming raw digital data collected during provider-customer encounters into structured data. Our innovative research & development efforts and the resulting technologies can be utilized by enterprise customers regardless of the industry.

The Apex team has a proven track record of success in advancing interoperable technologies that integrate seamlessly across enterprise platforms and point-of-service data reconciliation systems.

Apex’s open-source and commercial technologies empower data capture at the point of service and the resulting management, federation, and reconciliation of data through enterprise-tailored workflow engines that:

  • Provide better outcomes at the point of service
  • Enhance enterprise-level analytics of the collected data
  • Offer major advances in achieving interoperability goals and objectives

Our proven approach to solution development powers a reinforcing “cycle of excellence” by creating an architectural platform experience (AX) that drives the patron experience (PX), which in turn improves the end-user experience (EX), all of which collectively lead to better outcomes.

AX + PX + EX= 

Apex distinguishes itself among its competitors in two key areas: Our ongoing research aimed at solving complex data-capture and enterprise workflow challenges, and our proven approach to solution development.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Apex is a globally-distributed company with an operational presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Asia, and Australia. Our culturally and geographically diverse team has deep experience with federal health information system development, enterprise architecture development and deployment, user interface design, security, software DevOps, and quality assurance.

Apex is a registered federal government contractor on the System for Award Management (SAM) with:

  • CAGE code: 7AU93
  • DUNS number: 049037610
  • NAICS codes: 541511, 541512, 541519, and 541690
Our mission

Apex Data Solutions creates and delivers interoperable technologies that integrate seamlessly across enterprise platforms and point-of-service data reconciliation systems.

Our team of leading experts strive to transform and simplify how data is captured at the point of service and consumed by the end user by developing and delivering scalable, extensible, and configurable technologies.


Mr. Matton began his career on Capitol Hill, serving as a senior staff member on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee. In this role, Mr. Matton had primary staff oversight responsibility for the VA’s healthcare system as well as budget oversight for the VA’s healthcare programs. During his tenure on Capitol Hill, Mr. Matton was a key participant in a wide spectrum of health policy initiatives, including serving on the White House Health Care Reform Task Force. Mr. Matton also worked at The Pentagon, Office of the Secretary of Defense, as a Senior Health Policy Advisor advising on the transition of the DOD’s CHAMPUS program to a managed care model under TriCare. Since leaving federal employment, Mr. Matton has had a distinguished career in the field of Mergers & Acquisition and Private Equity, including founding and managing several successful IT companies.

Mr. Calco is a seasoned enterprise architect and a proven software innovator with over 20 years of financial services, retail, and healthcare industry experience. Mr. Calco is a certified expert in multiple programming languages, having worked productively in over a dozen programming environments and platforms as diverse as C++, Delphi, Ada, Java, .NET (C#, VB), JavaScript, Lisp, Clojure, Scala, Smalltalk, Ruby and others. He excels at designing and implementing hybrid solutions, because of his extensive experience and talent with languages have given him a strong sense of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various mainstream and esoteric platforms in use today. Mr. Calco was the primary visionary and architect for the VistA.js Platform within the VA, including its current utilization of open-source technologies to fulfill specific platform functions and capabilities.

Dr. Shorr joined Apex in February, 2013, as its Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO). Dr. Shorr has over 40 years of experience using, developing and implementing electronic medical record (EMR) systems. He is a nationally recognized expert on ambulatory care information systems and applied medical informatics. In 1971, Dr. Shorr began his career as a United States Public Health Service (USPHS) Medical Officer in the Indian Health Service (IHS). He served as Clinical Director of the Sells Indian Hospital and San Xavier Indian Health Center in southern Arizona and was also assigned to the IHS Office of Research and Development in Tucson. Dr. Shorr was on the founding development team of the IHS’s comprehensive health information system, now known as the Resource and Patient Management System (RPMS). He was also lead developer for the Query Manager (QMan) and PCC­Plus packages still utilized by IHS today. Dr. Shorr was a recipient of the IHS Leadership Award and USPHS Meritorious Service Medal. Dr. Shorr retired from IHS in 1992, holding the rank of Captain (O­6). Dr. Shorr is a Service­-Disabled Veteran and receives all of his care from the VA Medical Center in Albuquerque, NM.

Ms. Carlton was a founder of Defense Technologies, Inc., a DoD government contractor primarily focused on the development of unmanned vehicle control software solutions. Ms. Carlton successfully managed the financial and human resources functions of the $7 million, 50-employee company for 13 years. Ms. Carlton worked extensively with DCAA and DCMA to ensure compliance with federal regulations, developed budgets and pricing for projects, negotiated and established various financing agreements, and managed all outside service providers. Ms. Carlton obtained her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Accounting (BBA) from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI, and obtained a Certified Public Accountants certificate in 1995 from the State of Virginia. Ms. Carlton has over 25 years of progressive accounting and human resources experience, and has worked with government entities for over 20 years.

As Managing Counsel, Ms. Pinto oversees legal, compliance, and contract matters on behalf of the company. Prior to joining Apex, Ms. Pinto served as managing counsel by providing legal support to the Healthcare Solutions and Cyber Solutions business operations and contract function at Harris Corporation. Prior to joining Harris, she served as associate general counsel to Market America, a product brokerage company. Ms. Pinto earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors in French and Psychology from the University of North Carolina, a law degree from Mercer University, and an MBA with high honors from the University of Miami. She is admitted to practice in Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. Ms. Pinto is a member of the Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina Bar Associations, the American Bar Association, and the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Mr. Thomas joined the Apex team in January, 2015, as its Global DevOps Manager. In this role, Simon manages and supports a team of global developers, and is responsible for assuring Apex’s DevOps infrastructure and services are delivered to meet the needs of Apex and its clients. Mr. Thomas is an experienced management professional with more than 15 years working for large government, commercial, and independent organizations in senior change management, strategic, and operational roles. With a strong background in IT strategy, operational improvement, and project management, Mr. Thomas has successfully designed and delivered large transformational change strategies with a focus on innovation, new and established technologies, and implementing change in meaningful and productive ways. Mr. Thomas worked in senior technical management roles in Welsh Public Sector organizations, where he led and delivered many sector-leading open-source developments and innovative large-scale infrastructure projects. In 2010, Mr. Thomas led program & project management, strategic planning, thought leadership, transformational change, and IT operational improvement consultancy commissions in Europe and EMEA. These commissions delivered transformational change projects and subject matter expertise for Global companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung.

Ms. Vestal is helping to accelerate Apex’s strategic growth initiative through leadership, differential talent models, and by attracting and developing the best talent while building a culture of engagement, agility, and innovation. As a member of the Apex leadership team, Ms. Vestal actively collaborates with executive leadership by providing vision, strategic HR planning, and business process improvement protocols to meet organizational goals. She has a proven track record of planning and developing HR best practices that support accountability, transparency, and a positive work environment. Ms. Vestal’s areas of responsibility include talent acquisition, workforce solutions, organizational development, performance management, employee relations, and Total Rewards (including compensation & classification, health & wellness plans, and benefits). Ms. Vestal is an SPHR-certified human resources executive with over 25 years of experience in both Fortune 100 and non-profit organizations, and holds a Master’s degree in Education & Human Development, an undergraduate degree in Organizational Management, and is a certified Florida Workforce Development Professional.

Work Group Partners

The OSERHA VistA.js Work Group is sponsored by Apex and established around the VistA.js Data Federation Platform, which was delivered into Open Source under the Apache 2.0 license.

The VistA.js Work Group seeks to enhance and evolve not only VistA.js, but the concepts of data federation and the democratization of access to VistA data embodied by the platform.

Visit the VistA.js Work Group