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Introducing Our New Product Line Up
Bob Calco | 01.16.2019

One Last Pivot
Bob Calco | 09.16.2018

Apex Olympos Early Adopter Program
Bob Calco | 08.17.2018

Important Athena Update
Bob Calco | 08.17.2018

And Now for Something Completely Different...
Bob Calco | 04.18.2018

An Introduction to Apex Perseus & Mustache
Bob Calco | 03.05.2018

Look, a mustache!

Welcome to Apex Corporate blog!
Bob Calco | 02.22.2018

Welcome to the corporate blog of Apex Data Solutions, LLC!

Why I Choose Delphi
Bob Calco | 08.17.2017

Lately my work as an enterprise architect has focused on the problem of data reconciliation and legacy modernization in the healthcare space. This focus began for me while working at the US Department of Veterans Affairs on web-enablement of their “legacy” VistA electronic health record (EHR).