Apex's capabilities derive from our highly skilled team members and strong partnerships who understand the importance of customer-centric technologies and high-quality service. We are committed to delivering best-in-breed technologies that provide solutions to any challenges your organization may face.
Platform­-Agnostic Enterprise Integration & Interoperability Apex is a pioneer in successfully developing complex software solutions that orchestrate the bi-directional exchange of data between disparate enterprise systems of record (SORs) as well as the full spectrum of enterprise shared services (ESS). Our innovative solutions are at the forefront in achieving targeted interoperability goals not only between Federal health systems, but also with private sector electronic health record platforms. This capability is relevant, and capable of being migrated, to other domains within the Federal community such as transportation/aviation, intelligence, defense, homeland security, and virtually any organization that uses an array of architectures and data repositories for their critical operations. Apex’s enterprise data federation platforms facilitate and manage the orchestration of enterprise needs with respect to data capture, data management, and data federation among any number of internal or external SORs, as well as supporting the full spectrum of the business needs in support of the entity’s ESS.
Enterprise System Architecture Apex’s unique approach to enterprise platform development targets customer needs to ensure responsive and efficient data capture and data management solutions. Apex is a pioneer in designing and delivering enterprise platforms which not only support current customer needs, but which are inherently flexible to evolve over time as customer operations become more efficient and sustainable as its workflows change over time.
Structured Data Capture Solutions (Documentation Management as a Service) Apex delivers technologies that empower customers to perceptively analyze data for a variety of clinical, research, and business intelligence (BI) purposes. The associated “synoptic reporting” can provide near real-time insights into business operations through data evaluation and prediction.
Workflow­-driven, point­of­service digital documentation/records management Apex utilizes a proprietary approach to generating scenario-specific user experiences (UXs) and patron experiences (PXs) at the point of service, enabling the end user to identify critical knowledge gaps in the patient record. Apex’s technologies empower the clinician and patient to work in collaboration to unobtrusively address the identified knowledge gaps supporting the desired clinical workflow. Our technologies eliminate the need to replicate the same information, multiple times, on a variety of forms, enabling organizations to be more efficient and cost-effective.
Polyglot Software Development Apex’s software developers are technology-agnostic, with extensive experience in a wide variety of software development languages, frameworks, architectures, and approaches. Our R&D methodology provides an array of options for developing software that delivers flexible, configurable, customizable, and extensible solutions to most efficiently solve your key business challenges. Apex team members are actively at the forefront of a number of ongoing initiatives to expand and extend many widely used open-source and proprietary technologies.
Analytics & Informatics Apex believes in an integrated team approach to solving customer challenges, and technology is often only part of the overall solution. Apex has assembled one of the leading clinical informatics teams in the industry. Working in concert with our Enterprise Architects and Software Developers, they ensure that our solutions not only deliver the targeted functionality, but also support the workflows required to best meet the customer's needs.
Enterprise Data Warehousing Apex’s ForeverDB™ product offers a pioneering approach to big data management and storage.
DevOps Configuration Management Apex’s DevOps Configuration Management practice ensures an open line of communication and collaboration among Software Developers, Configuration Managers, Usability experts, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Analysts, Security experts, viability experts, and Project Managers, from project inception through final delivery. Apex utilizes a systematic Agile-based approach to rapidly build, test, and release high-quality, enterprise-grade software, ensuring continuous integration and configuration management throughout the entire software development life cycle.
Merger and Acquisition Integration Apex offers innovative solutions to mitigate the traditional business disruption resulting from mergers and acquisitions by offering a seamless data migration and IT transition among the companies and IT systems involved. Our interoperability solutions will get the communication flowing between the various (and typically incompatible) systems, integrating and preserving both legacy data and institutional knowledge in the process, while keeping the combined businesses running smoothly from Day One. This process maintains the established governance and view for the acquiring entity regardless of the data source, thereby maintaining compliance with applicable laws with a minimum of transitional disruption.