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Apex Agora™

Manage your installation of Apex technologies from a simple, cross-platform license and deployment management solution. With Apex Agora™, there’s no need to remember multiple keys, and we take the pain out of updates, trials and new purchases so you can focus solely on the value our solutions bring to your development and data management efforts.

Apex Perseus™

Like the snakes on Medusa’s head, problems like parsing text, pattern recognition, converting data, cryptography and concurrency can bite you, regardless of the kind of software you’re developing. Apex Perseus™ provides you with everything you need to slay these orthogonal concerns. Don’t waste time on them - let Perseus cut them off before they threaten your deadlines.

Apex Athena™

Adding integrated scripting to your application has never been easier, or more important as a competitive edge in any data-intensive domain, such as healthcare or finance. Apex Athena™ brings language innovation to Pascal, Basic and C with powerful data manipulation primitives unique to the Athena’s runtime design. Don’t settle for any old scripting engine - choose Athena and move mountains of data with supernatural ease.

Apex Muse™

Node.js was a nice idea, but the idea is in need of an upgrade. Apex Muse™ integrates JavaScript, Lua and Clojure in a unique runtime powered by the best ideas each language has to offer, all of them fine-tuned to the problem of making sense of big data and sharing it in the new era of microservices and decentralized applications.