Apex Agora™

Manage your user licenses and keep our software up to date on your terms, not ours.

Apex Agora™ is our virtual marketplace, offering single key management of our products from a simple, cross-platform license and deployment management solution. We take the pain out of updates, trials and new purchases so you can focus solely on the value our solutions bring to your development and data management efforts.

Manage your purchase, assignment, and installation of Apex technologies from a simple, cross-platform license and deployment management solution.

With Apex Agora™, there’s no need to remember a bunch of keys, a problem that is especially chronic for vendors of software tools on diverse platforms, because of the inherent complexity of building multiple products on multiple targets.

We are different from other vendors in that we decided to turn a software delivery problem into a customer satisfaction solution. Agora™ is what we, as a customer also, wish vendors did to make license and deployment management easier.

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  • Manage local downloads and activations with point-and-click ease and efficiency. Configure and customize installations to meet your workflow needs.
  • Deliver feedback, bug reports and feature requests and get upgrades in real-time.
  • Apex Agora is mandatory for per-user, node-locked licenses but is 100% free of charge. Will support alternative OEM possibilities, including enterprise floating license as well as traditional node-locked deployment scenarios.
  • Scales from a single user to many users per customer - ideal for sole practitioners and small companies.


  • One-key-per-user means no more ad hoc spreadsheets to keep track of who on your team has what. Manage your customer account through our online portal any time, from anywhere.
  • Use it to try, buy and update software you license from Apex and allocate it to your team how you see fit. Individual users can be part of many accounts. You retain control of the use of your licensed software, always.
  • Full stack customer satisfaction delivery platform designed to put you in charge of your software deployment and foster real-time communication with our team.
  • You are in control of how updates and upgrades work.