Apex Athena™

The polyglot embedded and standalone script compiler
for professional Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Legacy Application Modernization.

Apex Athena™ is an embedded scripting engine that can be used to generate fast, efficient bytecode or super-performant native code on a variety of popular operating systems.

Apex Athena™ powers our Apex Synchronicity™ and Apex Functor™ technologies, but what you can build with it is limited only by your imagination.

The languages Athena supports are familiar—Pascal, Basic, and C#—but with special syntax for transforming data in multiple formats and other innovative features. Athena is based on a decade of experience helping developers create extensible, data-driven software solutions.

Adding integrated scripting to your Delphi or C++ Builder application has never been easier or more important as a competitive edge in any data-intensive domain, such as healthcare or finance.

Athena brings real language innovation to Pascal, Basic and C# with powerful data manipulation primitives unique to the Athena runtime design, including MetaPath, which is like XPath but not limited to XML data. MPath integrated into Athena can be used interchangeably with almost any file format.

Athena can also be run as a standalone command line scripting solution extendible by you for one-off ETL or systems administration use cases. You don't have to be a Delphi/C++ Builder developer to use the standalone version of Athena; you can simply use it like any other scripting engine, except you can choose between Athena's unique flavors of Pascal, Basic or C# for your scripting tasks. Moreover, with the Professional edition, this capability can be distributed in architecturally clever ways.

Don’t settle for any old scripting engine - choose Apex Athena™ and move mountains of data with supernatural ease.

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  • Built on 10+ years of experience with paxCompiler development.
  • New improved bytecode implementation over legacy paxCompiler. Performance gains of 10-15x compared to previous releases of the PAX components.
  • Powerful components to add scripting to your application.
  • Compatibility with the latest Object Pascal with enhancements not seen anywhere else, such as Apex MetaPath™ (or simply MPath™) for inline declarative querying of large XML, JSON or EDN documents.
  • Includes built-in Perseus RegEx engine.
  • MPath™ is also available in the Athena flavors of Basic and Cm (or "C Minor"), a new scripting language that combines the power of C with the object-oriented convenience of C#.
  • MPath™ is a powerful feature that justifies Athena even if you're not looking to embed a scripting engine per se.
  • New unit import/registration utility available both at the command line and as a RAD Studio™ IDE enhancement.
  • Command-line "athena" executable allows for general scripting in the absence of a specific host application, with a DLL-loading scheme that enables infinite extension of Athena's functionality.


  • Stability of a proven product (paxCompiler) with the cutting edge features of an innovative language-oriented environment.
  • Empower your customers with control over their ROI by building extensibility into your products.
  • You can use it to deliver powerful automation solutions on any platform and extend it with your proprietary or open source code.
  • OEM the standalone athena.exe to create EAI solutions based on your extensions.
  • Ideal for ETL as well.