Apex Olympos™

The Perseus, Athena, Muse and Zeus scripting toolchains,
gathered together in one place, with a lofty mountaintop view, to boot.

Apex Olympos™ is a bundle of our entire set of scripting toolchains, including Apex Athena, Apex Muse, and Apex Zeus. Apex Perseus acts as a universal package manager and is itself extensible using any of the scripting runtimes supported by Apex Olympos.

Olympos is a veritable smorgasbord of runtime and language alternatives, each one optimized for the kind of programming you need to get the job done right. Your solution can scale up or down to the smallest or grandest problem domain, without imposing a one-size-fits-all approach on any component of your solution.

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  • Apex Perseus makes creating, building, bundling and distributing your code a breeze.
  • Apex Athena provides Pascal, C, Basic and JavaScript dialects suitable for developers accustomed to imperative, statically typed languages. Also, it optionally compiles to native code on some platforms.
  • Apex Muse brings flavors of Lua, JavaScript, Lisp and a new language we call Raptor into the 21st century of concurrent distributed era of big data.
  • Apex Zeus is an industrial strength implementation of the WASM virtual machine and compiler, enhanced with features that make it easier than ever to build reactive user experiences.
  • Apex Agora provides license management for both open source and commercial products you build on any of these runtimes. It helps simplify both license compliance and software distribution even for products involving a blend of open source and proprietary code.
  • Each language and runtime is extensible offering a flexible macro system that puts you in charge of the syntax of your favorite langauges - ideal for domain-specific languages and language-oriented programming generally.
  • Every langauge integrates MetaTree and MetaPath into their core libraries, making data exchange in a variety of extensible formats simplicity itself.


  • You are free to use the right language and runtime for the job and to create soluions that leverage each runtime to its strengths. No more monolithic nanny runtimes dictating the semantics of your software.
  • Glide the bleeding edge of language innovation without getting cut.
  • Take advantage of built-in interoperability features and blazing fast data exchange in a variety of popular formats. Easily implement your own to suit your specific needs.
  • Follow industry patterns to break your monolithich legacy application into a well-tuned set of full-stack microservices with tools designed to help you solve common modernization problems.