Apex Perseus™

A collection of tools, techniques and methods for slaying the hardest
problems modern developers face in the era of Big Data.


Apex Perseus™ is a powerful tool designed with developers of complex distributed, enterprise and decentralized software applications in mind. It offers proven abstractions to hard problems that have nothing to do with your domain, such as parsing diverse and disparate data, structuring modern server applications, concurrency and cryptography. Perseus also powers our innovative scripting runtimes, Apex Athena and Apex Muse, and will be extensible using them.

Like the snakes on Medusa’s head, problems like parsing text, regular expression pattern recognition, converting data between various popular data exchange formats, cryptography and concurrency can bite you, regardless of the kind of software you’re developing. Especially if the kind of software you're developing involves lots of data and/or multi-processing.

Apex Perseus™ provides you with everything you need in your favorite runtime and scripting language combination to slay these orthogonal concerns in full-stack solutions built by geographically dispersed team members. Don’t waste time on them - let Perseus behead them before they threaten your deadlines.

No mere grab-bag of disparate code, Perseus is the foundation of all of our scripting runtimes, a development toolchain rich with powerful solutions to hard problems that provide critical leverage to developers of data-intensive distributed and enterprise software.

Perseus is also a standalone application facilitating the creation, building, bundling and distribution of your Athena, Muse and/or Zeus code, and integrates with Agora to provide license managmeent as well.

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  • A from-scratch regular expression library and grep utility that clocks in faster than the open source PCRE engine that most libraries wrap for most matching scenarios.
  • Apex MetaTree™, a unique tree-like data structure for in-memory manipulation of large data documents.
  • Apex MetaPath™, a powerful query engine for data in any format that can be converted to/from Apex MetaTree™.
  • A from-scratch implementation of an XML, JSON and EDN parsers, each with full MetaPath™ compatibility.
  • A from-scratch implementation of the popular Mustache templating engine; think XSLT, but without the tight coupling to XML. With full MetaTree™ compatibility, so you can turn any data into... well, anything.
  • With MetaTree™ and MetaPath™, anything your average data transformation library can do, Perseus can do... meta.


  • Stay focused on your problem domain, not on orthogonal concerns.
  • Create command-line applications and services with multiple entry points and module dependencies with ease using Apex Commander.
  • Faster time to market with amazing low-level frameworks and features that till now have not been easily available in commodity form.
  • Take advantage of features we've baked into Apex Athena™ and Apex Muse™ even if you do not plan to support scripting in your application or solution.