Apex Unify!™

Align Your Disparate IT Systems Around A Common Enterprise Source of Truth.

Apex Unify! makes levels of interoperability possible that have consistently proved elusive, particularly in healthcare where semantics pose a major challenge to sharing data between systems.

Apex Unify! is based on the idea of aligning systems with a single source of truth, which first and foremost involves our patent-pending method for constructing such a thing from known truth, and then ensuring change is managed in a consistent, straightforward way over time.

Unify! is not a single product but a combination of tools, techniques and methods starting with Apex ForeverDB, an innovative information brokerage system that makes it possible to control the flow of information in the service of maintaining a domain-defined source of truth that transcends the limitations of the often disparate systems that typically are maintained in large organizations.

Next is Synchronicity, which provides an operational context for semantic alignment of those disparate systems as change occurs naturally in the course of day-to-day operations.

BlockSync provides the orderly transacting of domain events to ForeverDB that ensures the ability to reconstruct the flow of events faithfully in real time and on demand. The integrity of the data stored in ForeverDB's "Eternal" storage is guaranteed by BlockSync's application of blockchain technology, regardless whether information is proprietary to the organization or part of a data sharing scheme with other organizations.

Finally, TeamCollaborate rounds out the offering with portable workflow orchestrations that allow your team to see the big picture that eludes any one system of record.


  • Use Apex ForeverDB™ for a single source of truth and a continuous unidirectional flow of data through Eternal, Long-Term and Short-Term storage defined in the language of your domain.
  • Use Apex BlockSync™ to ensure orderly transacting of domain-defined events in ForeverDB journals used to construct a single source of truth from multiple sources, and optionally to share those journals securely with other networked organizations.
  • Use Apex Synchronicity™ to align each of your disparate IT systems with the single source of truth in near real-time.
  • Use Apex TeamCollaborate™ to provide flexible, portable workflow solutions that are not constrained by the limitations of any one of your several IT systems that constitute your enterprise.
  • Use Low-level SDKs powered by Apex Perseus, Athena, Muse, Helios and Odyssey for rapid development of semantic adapters and other components of a real-world implementation.


  • Semantic alignment of your IT systems over time, in near real-time.
  • Big Data and Interoperability Services as first-class layers in the enterprise architecture stack, managing change both internally and with external IT systems.
  • A single enterprise source of truth that is not constrained by the limitations of any of your legacy or current IT systems, in that it stores data even they cannot, and in the language of your domain.
  • Ideal for services organizations characterized by some concept of a team of service providers servicing a customer or client at some point of service during an encounter. So, Unify! is perfect for sectors as diverse as healthcare, finance and even retail industries.
  • Can also be used more basically in mergers and acquisitions scenarios involving the often challenging process of ingesting acquired IT systems.