Apex Zeus™

Web Assembly for the Enterprise


The current state of the art for enterprise web applications involves the creation of "single page applications" (or SPA's as they are referred to in the trade). These SPA's rely on distributed microservices for their data, usually via asynchronous calls to REST services or real-time messaging through web sockets.

SPA's are implemented using JavaScript's fine-grained control over the HTML Document Object Model (or DOM), for which there are many innovative approaches. But developers from traditional enterprise development stacks often prefer cleaner syntax than is offered by native JavaScript in the browser.

As a result there is a cottage industry of scripting technologies that compile to JavaScript. Indeed even JavaScript itself often needs to be compiled to a more efficient representation, and regardless of source language, the Google Closure compiler has become the de facto optimizer for SPA's.

Although an amazing achievement, this need to compile to optimized, obfuscated JavaScript imposes additional devops complexities for developers of web applications, and does nothing to improve the fundamental problem with JavaScript in the browser itself (since all these languages are ultimately targeting the JavaScript runtime).

To solve this problem, a new standard called Web Assembly (or WASM) is emerging to allow for super-fast in-browser applications to be compiled "natively" without all the additional toolchain complexity.

Apex Zeus is an industrial-strength implementation of that standard both as a compiler technology and a virtual machine implementation that powers both Apex Eos and Apex Odyssey.

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  • Support for all Athena and Muse languages compiling to WASM.
  • A first rate, embeddable Web Assembly virtual machine implementation.
  • Special support on the UX side for reactive coding paradigms.


  • An industrial strength Web Assembly implementation with commercial support you can count on.
  • Additional tools for creating WASM projects in other parts of the stack, such as Apex Perseus, means WASM is part of a broader strategy to enhance existing enterprise architectures for Web 3.0.
  • Blazing fast execution speeds for performance-critical applications.