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Apex BlockSync™

Apex BlockSync™ is a distributed transactor that allows you to journal real-time change across enterprise and organizational boundaries in a form and format conducive to reconstructing the history of domain-defined events at a higher level than is possible with any commodity database system. It uses blockchain technology to ensure integrity of change journals whether they are private to the enterprise or shared with a distributed network. Each participant gets their own copy of every shared journal with information encoded in the language of the domain.

Apex Synchronicity™

Built from the ground up to facilitate an enterprise-grade interoperability services layer, Apex Synchronicity™ allows you to manage the flow of new information across your disparate IT systems. Whatever your domain, Synchronicity™ makes it straightforward to propagate change and consult a global "source of truth" against which your systems must align over time.

Apex TeamCollaborate™

Apex TeamCollaborate™ is a workflow management solution designed to be portable across domains that are based, however abstractly, on the concept of an encounter. Wherever a team of service-providers are engaged in delivering a service or product to a recipient of a service or product, TeamCollaborate™ offers unique features for transcending the limitations of your disparate IT systems when used as part of an Apex Unify!™ implementation.

Apex Athena™

Adding integrated scripting to your application has never been easier, or more important as a competitive edge in any data-intensive domain, such as healthcare or finance. Apex Athena™ brings language innovation to Pascal, Basic and C with powerful data manipulation primitives unique to Athena’s runtime design. Don’t settle for any old scripting engine - choose Athena and move mountains of data with supernatural ease.

Apex Muse™

Node.js was a nice idea, but the idea is in need of an upgrade. Apex Muse™ integrates JavaScript, Lua and Clojure in a unique runtime powered by the best ideas each language has to offer, all of them fine-tuned to the problem of making sense of big data in a story-telling, business intelligence context, and sharing that story in the new era of microservices and decentralized applications.

Apex Perseus™

Like the snakes on Medusa’s head, problems like parsing text, pattern recognition, converting data, cryptography and concurrency can bite you, regardless of the kind of software you’re developing. Apex Perseus™ provides you with everything you need to slay these orthogonal concerns throughout the software development lifecycle. Don’t waste time on them - let Perseus cut them off before they threaten your deadlines.