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Apex Unify!™

A set of tools, techniques and methods for semantic interoperability designed to overcome traditional technical and political problems by making data synchronization and sharing part of the woodwork of things. Adding Big Data and Interop Services to the canonical 5-layer enterprise architecture stack, Apex Unify!™ brings disparate IT systems into alignment with a shared concept of truth over time that brings many desired and unforeseen benefits. It is a platform, not a product, consisting of several game-changing technologies, each of which are useful in their own right, but which together helps you tackle the hardest problems.

Apex ForeverDB™

More than just a database management system, Apex ForeverDB™ is a game-changing information brokerage system, with a unique, built-in identity mapping solution making it perfect for building a single source of truth from multiple systems of record that can be used not just for data mining but to align them. With Apex ForeverDB™, loss of information simply isn't a problem, freeing you to make sweeping enterprise changes previously considered impossible with much less risk than traditional approaches to legacy application modernization.

Apex BlockSync™

Apex BlockSync™ is a distributed transactor that allows you to journal real-time change across enterprise and organizational boundaries in a form and format conducive to reconstructing the history of domain-defined events at a higher level than is possible with any commodity database system. It uses blockchain technology to ensure integrity of change journals whether they are private to the enterprise or shared with a distributed network. Each participant gets their own copy of every shared journal with information encoded in the language of the domain.

Apex Synchronicity™

Built from the ground up to facilitate an enterprise-grade interoperability services layer, Apex Synchronicity™ allows you to manage the flow of new information across your disparate IT systems. Whatever your domain, Synchronicity™ makes it straightforward to propagate change and consult a global "source of truth" against which your systems must align over time.

Apex TeamCollaborate™

Apex TeamCollaborate™ is a workflow management solution designed to be portable across domains that are based, however abstractly, on the concept of an encounter. Wherever a team of service-providers are engaged in delivering a service or product to a recipient of a service or product, TeamCollaborate™ offers unique features for transcending the limitations of your disparate IT systems when used as part of an Apex Unify!™ implementation.