Apex Perseus™

A collection of tools, techniques and methods for slaying the hardest
problems modern developers face in the era of Big Data.

Apex Perseus™ is a powerful tool designed with developers of complex distributed, enterprise and decentralized software applications in mind. It offers proven abstractions to hard problems that have nothing to do with your domain, such as parsing diverse and disparate data, structuring modern server applications, concurrency and cryptography. Perseus also powers our innovative scripting runtimes, Apex Athena and Apex Muse, and will be extensible using them.

In addition to being a powerful low-level code layer for our scripting runtimes, Perseus is also embodied in a command line tool, providing a number of useful entry points for code generation, package management for the supported script languages of both runtimes, a specialized "Data Explorer REPL" that allows you to experiment iteratively with turning unstructured data into structured data suitable for use in ForeverDB, and a command line SPARQL query engine—among other powerful features.

Perseus is included in Apex Unify! as well as Apex DomainMaster, so if you are using either, you can find it both as a command line application, and embedded in your favorite language in Athena or Muse in the form of several APIs.


  • A from-scratch regular expression library and grep utility that clocks in faster than the open source PCRE engine that most libraries wrap for most matching scenarios.
  • Apex MetaTree™, a unique tree-like data structure for in-memory manipulation of large data documents. All supported data exchange formats in Perseus are translatable to/from MetaTree.
  • Apex MetaPath™, a powerful query engine for data in any format that can be converted to/from Apex MetaTree™.
  • A from-scratch implementation of an XML, JSON and EDN parsers, each with full MetaPath™ compatibility.
  • A from-scratch implementation of the popular Mustache templating engine; think XSLT, but without the tight coupling to XML. With full MetaTree™ compatibility, so you can turn any data into... well, anything.


  • Stay focused on your problem domain, not on orthogonal concerns.
  • Use the Perseus command line utility to streamline important steps in the process of creating data-centric microservices and data adapters for Apex Synchronicity™.
  • Faster time to market with amazing low-level frameworks and features that till now have not been easily available in commodity form, baked right into your favorite scripting language.