Product Vision


The suite of products under our "Agora" banner represent a combination of low-level solutions on top of which almost anything can be built.

Perseus, the Gorgon-slayer, decapitating orthogonal concerns like parsing, pattern-matching, concurrency and cryptography, while providing higher-level tooling around the construction of complex n-tier projects developed by globally dispersed teams.

Athena weighs in like a goddess to add extensibility to any application on almost any modern stack. Athena brings real language innovation to popular "commodity" programming languages like Pascal, Basic and C#, in the context of modernizing legacy systems.

Muse offers inspiration precisely in the act of turning raw information into a story, with higher-level scripting languages that incorporate the best of breed ideas from currently popular scripting runtimes.

Zeus provides an industrial-strength implementation of WASM, and with it new paradigms for user experience and a compelling vision for "Web 3.0" unencumbered by original design flaws in ECMA Script.

Longer term we will offer Apex Helios™ to power a new dawn of decentralized and n-tier distributed micro-services. Helios will allow you to develop your own kind of Amazon Lamdba or Google Functions capability, and will be available on your favorite cloud provider as "Apex Functor."

Apex Odyssey™ will present an entirely new way to tell a story in the digital age, built on Helios and Zeus. With Odyssey, the problem of user experience is front-and-center, and traditional barriers to developing usable applications are overcome with an innovative, interactive development paradigm that includes automatic measuring of results.

We have used these products mainly in the development of the Apex Unify!™ technologies, including Apex ForeverDB™, Apex BlockSync™, and Apex Synchronicity™, about which we'll be sharing more in the coming months, but you can use them now to build anything you can imagine.

The Greek themes are not entirely arbitrary or merely a reflection of some of our staff's affection for Homer's incredible epic poem, the Odyssey (which we admit upfront). Homer was among the very first in Western civilization to record a story, albeit in the oral tradition originally, a medium that must have been much more frustrating than Instagram or Facebook as a modality to reach the masses.

Despite advances in technology, to which our company is dedicated, the storytelling urge is still with us, and in fact is the key to unlocking the true power of big data and other buzzwords related to the tsunami of information sweeping over our society. Turning raw data into a story is actually what we humans do, but we can't possibly do it without the aid of technology.