Product Vision - Apex Agora™

Apex Agora™ Roadmap

Apex Agora™ was conceived to simplify license management, but is in fact a full-stack customer satisfaction platform that exemplifies our commitment to excellence in all things.

Agora will always be free to any customer, even prospective customers, and will, minimally, keep any interested person up to date with regard to our products and offerings, both commercial and open source.

Longer-term we will make enhancements to Agora that enable direct communication with our team, collaboration between users and networking between companies who share our vision for innovation and solving hard data problems.

With your feedback, Agora will become a community platform for sharing both open source and commercial code and utilities in a consistent, cross-platform way.

The schedule on the right reflects our current thinking about the coming changes to bring Agora into better alignment with this vision.

  • Initial GA Release

    The first GA download release made available. Includes ability to try, purchase, download and update free Developer Editions of Apex Perseus, Athena and Muse. (Delivery date for each may vary.)
  • Usability Enhancements.

    Based on your feedback, Agora portal and desktop application will include usability enhancements before we add any new features. We expect to offer commercial editions of our products during this period, including a world-class purchasing experience on our Agora Customer Portal.
  • Integrated Feedback Features

    Agora will facilitate integrated bug reporting and feedback features to help us prioritize fixes in supported products. Ability to buy a la carte add-ons incorporated into new cart features.
  • Third-party Package Management

    Agora will provide installation of third-party packages that are shared by customers who choose to use it as a platform to share or monetize their code. These can be offered on open source or proprietary licenses, on a per-case basis. Will also allow for OEM license alternatives to node-locked deployment, including floating licenses for large enterprise customers.