Product Vision - Apex Athena™

Apex Athena Roadmap

Apex Athena is a scripting engine designed to be embedded in Delphi/C++ Builder applications, but it also is a standalone scripting runtime with an extensible core library with particular focus on data-intensive operations like ETL.

As an embedded scripting engine, it is akin to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), but offers a choice of languages— Pascal, Basic, and Cm ("C-Minor") a hybrid between C and C#.

Athena is the evolutionary successor to paxCompiler, which over the last 12 years has provided extensibility to countless applications all around the world. Athena represents breakthroughs in bytecode design and native compiling and can be extended to support the syntax and semantics of any statically compiled, imperative programming language.

Over time we see Athena the application specializing in Big Data processing and the embedded engine blurring the lines between application code and extension code. Athena will, like Muse, be benefitting from everything we do in Perseus, and so our flavors of popular imperative languages will become a playground of cutting edge syntax for higher-level abstractions currently not found in the traditional flavors of those languages.

We envision a first-class, cross-platform for Athena scripting that will also be embeddable in your application. This IDE will itself be extensible in Athena, and enable you to rapidly create data-intensive services.

Even more intriguing, we plan to embed Athena into Apex Eos™, and in this way make it possible for Athena languages to be used to create your own distributed scripting system akin to Amazon Lambda or Google Functions. A hosted flavor of this will be available on your favorite cloud as Apex Functor™.

  • Initial GA Release of free Developer Edition

    The first GA download release of the free Developer Edition made available.
  • Usability Enhancements. Initial Professional release.

    Based on customer feedback, Athena will include usability enhancements before we add any new features. These will include additional IDE wizards and utilities to simplify otherwise tedious compiler integration tasks. Greater stability for core languages and built-in libraries.
  • Distributed Scripting with Premium Edition

    Premium Edition will enable you to distribute some (or all) of your application business logic and data access as scriptlets that interact on a distributed architecture. Integration with Apex Eos and Apex Functor will be available separately.
  • Third-Party Module Management

    Athena will make it easy to incorporate script libraries shared on the Agora network.