Product Vision - Apex Helios™

Apex Helios™ Roadmap

Apex Helios™ will make it easier than ever to modernize legacy applications by simplifying the process of distributing both business logic and data access through scripted APIs.

Apex Helios will empower Apex Functor, a hosted flavor of Eos in which you only need to consider event pipeline design and scripting, very similar to what Amazon Lambda and Google Function provides, but without the tight coupling to their services. Nor is it mutually exclusive to them - you can think of it as cloud-proofing your own implementation of the idea based on your enterprise requirements.

Apex Helios will fundamentally change how distributed and decentralized applications are built and vastly simplify many problems currently considered "hard", and providing a straightforward way to integrate diverse applications into a unified enterprise architecture. For this reason, it is a key technology component of Apex Unify!™.

Apex Helios will play nice in OAath and OpenID world as well as with any corporate authentication and authorization scheme like LDAP and ActiveDirectory. It will make it easier than ever to federate disparate systems with explicit support for other components of the Unify! stack in partial implementations.

Apex Helios is a revolutionary new way to realize the vision of microservices both in the enterprise, over the Internet and in the Cloud.

  • Initial GA Release

    The first GA download release of free Developer Edition made available.
  • Usability Enhancements and release of Professional Edition.

    Based on your feedback, Helios will include usability enhancements. Professional Edition will be released.
  • Apex Functor and Premium Edition

    Apex Functor will be available for beta testing and Premium Edition will be released.