Product Vision - Apex Odyssey™

Apex Odyssey™ Roadmap

Apex Odyssey™ will pick up where ideas like Processing left off, creating a real alternative to the traditional browser technology of the 90's - which dominates UI and UX standards of today.

Powered by Zeus with a focus on functional programming concepts powering new reactive paradigms, Apex Odyssey will fundamentally change how "web" development is done, putting the emphasis back on productivity and rapid development without forcing you to change your mental model for coding the presentation layer.

Odyssey will incorporate concerns like localization, accessibility and usability from the ground up, and reduce the time to market for complex systems involving traditional web and non-traditional IoT user experiences.

Finally, Odyssey will incorporate features making it easy to take conflicting data and lay it out in a kind of storyboard fashion that is conducive to collaborative workflow and will be the default UX renderer for Apex TeamCollaborate.

  • Initial GA Release

    The first GA download release made available for the free Developer Edition.
  • Professional Edition

    Professional edition ready for GA. This includes security features necessary for enterprise adoption.
  • Usability and Accessibility features

    Usability, accessibility and localization features added.
  • Integrated Development Environment included

    Odyssey will be added to Eos complete with interactive development environment to support real-time, continuous integration and delivery features.