Product Vision - Apex Olympos™

Apex Olympos™ Roadmap

Apex Olympos™ is a unique bundle of tools, techniques and methods for generalized legacy application modernization and rapid development of full-stack microservices.

Over time, we envision Olympos becoming a more agile-oriented platform for software development supporting the creation of enterprise interoperability solutions in multiple industry domains, such as finance and healthcare.

Apex Olympos Community Edition will support open source and hobbyist use cases, with the Professional Edition empowering developers to embed the Olympos runtimes into their enterprise solutions seamlessly.

  • Initial Release

    The first Community and Professional Edition release. This will likely be timed around our HIMSS 2019 presentation in early February, but may be released sooner.
  • Usability Enhancements.

    Based on your feedback, each Edition will receive usability updates. Professional Edition always includes updates applied to the Community Edition.
  • Integrated Development Environment

    An integrated development environment, currently code-named Midas, will support rapid development of microservices. Professional Edition will incorporate additional features specific to remote/distributed debugging and compilation scenarios.
  • Integration with Agora Customer Portal

    Olympos will support commercialization of projects created through Perseus integration with the Apex Agora customer portal.