Product Vision - Apex Perseus™

Apex Perseus Roadmap

Apex Perseus is the foundation of all our innovations in Athena, Muse and Zeus, which in turn are the three-prong pillars of Eos and Odyssey. As such, it does much of the heavy lifting for orthogonal concerns of any service or application.

Currently our Perseus-powered languages and scripting run times offer an advanced regular expression engine favorably comparable to PCRE in power and performance, a framework for structuring service or command-line applications with multiple entry points, and parsing libraries for XML, JSON, EDN, and the Mustache templating engine, all built on top of MetaTree and MetaPath, which is a common in-memory representation and query engine similar to XPath but more general.

In upcoming releases we'll be introducing abstractions for Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP), a powerful paradigm for concurrency that eradicates many traditional problems related to multi-processing as well as offering critically needed cryptography and security abstractions, especially for networked services applications.

Long-term, Perseus the standalone application will become a first-class language-oriented programming platform with tools to help you build new languages and runtimes from scratch. It will become a platform-agnostic build tool with code-generation, refactoring and advanced devops features that will give your team a distinct competitive advantage in bringing complex distributed and decentralized systems to market faster and more reliably.

  • Initial GA Release of standalone tool

    The first Community and Professional Edition download releases of the Apex Olympos bundle will include the standalone command-line Perseus package management application.

  • Usability Enhancements

    Perseus' command line interface will be enhanced to support additional utilities, and support both project and global tasks that help you orchestrate complex builds and releases of your code.

  • Integrated Development Environment

    Perseus will integrate with a browser based IDE, code-named Midas, and simplify distributed development of full-stack microservices in innovative new ways.

  • Agora Integration

    Perseus will be integrated with Apex Agora customer portal, making it easier than ever to distrubute your code both commerically and as open source, or hybrid solutions, with no license fuss.