Product Vision - Apex Zeus™

Apex Zeus Roadmap

Apex Zeus will make it possible to code sophisticated Web 3.0 applications in an interactive, rapid development paradigm unlike any other yet commercialized.

Zeus will allow you to treat UX in its broadest sense, not just as a browser phenomenon but a true Internet-of-Things (IoT) phenomenon.

Zeus will also benefit from some lessons learned, in particular from our Muse run time, and support reactive paradigms in a very broad and comprehensive way, above and beyond the WASM standard.

In short, Zeus aims to be a world-class WASM compiler and run time while at the same time fitting into the overall vision for Apex Unify! and our other run times supporting its mission.

  • Initial Beta Trial Release

    The first Beta Trial download release made available of the free Developer Edition.
  • Initial GA Release

    Initial GA of Professional edition
  • Asynchronous programming added

    Apex Odyssey to embed Zeus. Apex Helios to incorporate compiler. Professional Edition released.