Technology Vision - Apex BlockSync™

Apex BlockSync™

Apex BlockSync™ represents a breakthrough both conceptually and operationally for interoperability, not just in healthcare but in any and every service-oriented domain that involves a team of advisors or providers collaborating in the service or care for a customer.

Apex BlockSync™ reduces the problem of interoperability to a more basic problem of aligning each system with a shared concept/source of truth, one that is unencumbered by the limitations of existing systems, and which liberates your users from the constraints imposed by this or that technology in your domain. This is made possible by a new information model, one that transcends the limitations of current information technologies.

Long term we envision BlockSync as part of a larger collaboration between government and industry to support decentralized schemes for data sharing that overcome all of the normal political obstacles to such sharing. Combined with ForeverDB's unique identity indexing technology, the only obstacles to universal interoperability will be a matter of simply joining trusted networks that emerge from the momentum of a real push for interoperability; a push driven by customers in search of true solutions to real-world problems.

  • Initial GA Release

    The first GA download release made available. Internal use only.
  • Integration With Apex Unify! Stack

    This edition will represent the first edition suitable for peer to peer networking (i.e., shared journals).
  • Refinement of Transactional Semantics

    We expect to learn a lot about how to simplify the logic of the transactor in a network of participating nodes interested in a common shared event journal. This edition will incorporate the most important lessons.
  • Ready for Prime Time

    We expect this release to be the first that will be sufficiently functional to power a real industry solution. We will be focusing this edition on physician registries - that is, directories of service providers and their demographic information, including credentials, that are suitable for sharing without sacrificing each organization's unique value in their domain.