Technology Vision - Apex Synchronicity™

Apex Synchronicity

Apex Synchronicity started its life as a generic data federation concept that we derived from our work in healthcare, but having achieved data federation, we soon realized there is a dark cloud in that big blue sky of "semantic interoperability" that the industry speaks of, as if it will solve all the problems of the world.

The issue isn't only semantics, the "inter" part of interoperability, but also the "operability" part. Mere data federation doesn't solve the operability part because oftentimes data across disparate IT systems about a particular entity are out of sync—or just plain wrong. Bad or inconsistent data is hard to fix even if systems align semantically, as we learned building the VistA.js data federation service for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

So the vision for Synchronicity is that of a propagating data federation technology, the truth component of which is handled independently by ForeverDB. However, it can be used independently of ForeverDB in an organization that already has a single source of truth.

We envision Synchronicity "truth flow" orchestrations as the evolutionary successor to the ad-hoc data transformations performed by your run of the mill message hub.

  • Initial Pilot Offering

    Initial "truth flow" orchestrations and adapter framework offered as part of Apex Unify!

  • Adapter Framework improvements

    Semantic alignment is hard, and we'll be focusing on this core value proposition before adding new features.

  • Usability Focus

    With your feedback, this edition will bring massive usability enhancements to the Synchronicity management portal.

  • Synchronicity as a Service

    If your systems run in the cloud, likely they integrate with other cloud-based services that also need to be kept in sync with your databases.