Technology Vision - Apex TeamCollaborate™

Apex TeamCollaborate™ Roadmap

Apex TeamCollaborate™ is intended to provide human-directed workflows, with particular support for data reconciliation in a world of disparate sources of truth. It is oriented from the ground up around the notion of a service encounter and therefore ideally suited for complex domains like healthcare and finance.

TeamCollaborate is a next-generation workflow engine highly attuned to the problems of the coming Age of Interoperability. There are as yet few standards to guide how teams should react in a world governed by systems suddenly able to interoperate with each other, and the hydra-like challenges real interoperability poses.

For example, what do you do when two or more sources of truth differ about a particularly consequential fact that, depending on its value today and just as importantly how it came to be what it is, may affect a life/death decision? These are hard questions and current workflow tooling is not prepared for this category of problems. But TeamCollaborate was built for this very kind of challenge.

In short, TeamCollaborate is a critical component of Apex Unify! in that it provides a method for manual workflows when there are no clear automation heuristics for solving certain kinds of discrepancies. These are deeply integrated into Unify!'s concept of truth and dataflow rules.

But you can use TeamCollaborate in traditional workflow contexts involving service-oriented verticals as a standalone solution as well. It is highly configurable and will play nice with existing workflow technologies like BPMN.

  • Initial GA Release

    The first GA download release made available.
  • Usability enhancements

    Based on your feedback, our focus on usability and accessibility will be the primary focus of our 2nd release.
  • Advanced Integration features

    Integration with enterprise business process tools outside the Unify! stack will be improved.
  • Enterprise reporting features

    Advanced reporting features focusing on regulatory compliance will be available per vertical as add-ons, including domain-specific workflow templates you can modify to improve compliance reporting.